Sunday, 12 June 2011

Opera Nuova's profile

Opera Nuova presented its last performance of Light in the Piazza Saturday night. I usually see the final two operas that end the Vocal Arts Festival, but last night's modestly staged performance at the University of Alberta's Convocation Hall makes me want to hear more of  the fine young singers who come to Edmonton each year to hone their skills in hopes of developing a professional singing career. Most of them will not make it the way they imagine, but what they accomplish in the month they study in Edmonton will give them a really clear idea of where they're at at this moment. How they build on that will depend, of course, on native talent and loads of luck. Shorter term, there wasn't any singer who wasn't solidly entertaining. That's one accomplishment no amount of future struggle and 'failure,' can take away from them.
Try to get to one of the final opera performances later in the month: Marriage of Figaro and Rusalka.

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  1. Thrilled to see we won't be losing your arts commentary! Who needs the journal? I'm excited to keep reading...